The company

What we do

Our mission is to help the construction of neuroscientific knowledge about the behaviors of the human beings on conditions of "normality", using a different set of technological tools to the researchs.

Therewith, we generate answers that go beyond providing equipment to universities. We provide intelligent support services to the researcher, resulting in solutions of acquiring reliable data and original analysis, which are able to effectively leverage the production of neuroscience knowledge.

How we do it

Research in Neuroscience today is in an honest process of evolving and changing paradigms. Traditional technological configurations are gradually being included into new tools of investigation, generating the MDI (Integrated Multimodal Dimension) concept. The Brain Support is an active character of this change. Our main resources are the ability to offer advanced technological solutions and integrate different search tools.

Along with the researcher, we develop solutions adapted to the particularities of each neuroscientific project, covering a wide range of technological, methodological, operational and analytical possibilities. Our will is to help extend the possibilities for researchers' work and to preserve the rigor of the scientific approach.

Modular Systems

Brain Support MultModais Ed Multimodal studies expand the possibilities of understanding human behavior.
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Brain Support MultModais Multimodal studies extend the possibilities of understanding human behavior.
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